Wyman/Howe Award

This award was established by the association to honor the contributions of its members, Dr. Jack Howe, former Director of Forensics at California State University Long Beach, and Jim Wyman, former Director of Forensics at Moorpark College to the PSCFA. This award recognizes coaches in the PSCFA who exhibit the outstanding traits Dr. Howe possessed. During his long and distinguished career, Dr. Howe established the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA), was President of PSCFA and helped to define the association as we know it today. Jim Wyman served as President, Vice-President and Executive Secretary of PSCFA. The association decided to honor one coach in the PSCFA each year with the Wyman/Howe Award.

1986 Jack Howe
1987 Paul Gaske
1988 Peg Taylor
1989 Todd Lewis
1990 Pat Ganer
1991 Bob Bornemann
1992 Jim Wyman
1993 Ron Reel
1994 Norm Fricker
1995 Crystal Watson
1996 Skip Rutledge
1997 Char Arnold
1998 Gary Rybold
1999 Liana Koeppel
2000 Roxanne Tuscany
2001 Rolland Petrello
2002 Matt Taylor
2003 Jeanine Congalton
2004 Konrad Hack
2005 Erick Roebuck
2006 Christopher DeSurra
2007 Jim Wyman
2008 Stephanie Fleming
2009 Danny Cantrell
2010 Edwin Tiongson
2011 Rolland Petrello
2012 Ben Lohman
2013 Francesca Bishop
2014 Larry Radden & Josh Flemming
2015 April Griffin
2016 Barry Regan

2019 Ashley Nuckels Cuevas
2020 Danny Cantrell
2021 Brittany Hubble