Special Awards


This award was established by the association to honor the contributions of its members, Dr. Jack Howe, former Director of Forensics at California State University Long Beach, and Jim Wyman, former Director of Forensics at Moorpark College to the PSCFA. This award recognizes coaches in the PSCFA who exhibit the outstanding traits Dr. Howe possessed. During his long and distinguished career, Dr. Howe established the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA), was President of PSCFA and helped to define the association as we know it today. Jim Wyman served as President, Vice-President and Executive Secretary of PSACFA. The association decided to honor one coach in the PSCFA each year with the Wyman/Howe Award. List of Past Winners


This award was inaugurated to honor the memory of Carl Bovero, former President of the PSCFA and Director of Forensics at Pasadena City College at the time of his death. Mr. Bovero who had been recently elected National President of Phi Rho Pi, died in a freeway accident on the way home from working with some of his forensics students. Because of his commitment to working with students and to keeping students as the central focus of both this association the discipline of Forensics, these awards are presented annually in his memory. List of Past Winners

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