2018 Warm-Up Invite

September 1, 2018

Dear PSCFA Community,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 forensics season! It is time to get the competition year started at the PSCFA Warm-Up at El Camino College on September 22nd and 23rd.


  1. The Warm-Up has changed to a Saturday/Sunday schedule.
  2. We now offer IPDA, which will be held with NPDA on Saturday.
  3. Fees will now be assessed and collected at the Warm-Up. Please see the attached fee sheet.

We will offer four (4) rounds of Open, Junior, and Novice (divisions might be collapsed due to lack of entries) NPDA and IPDA debate on Saturday. Sunday will offer the usual two (2) rounds of all PSCFA individual events, including cultural artifact, for Open, Junior, and Novice competitors.

There are numerous reasons why your team should choose The Warm-Up to start off the competitive year. First, The Warm-Up is a great way to introduce students who are new to competitive collegiate forensics to the activity in a relaxed environment. It also allows returning students to ease into the new year. Second, it is a wonderful way to catch up with all of your forensics colleagues and meet coaches who are new to our region. Finally, it provides the opportunity to try out new topics and approaches to our activity.

Judging Commitments:
Each school must cover its judging commitment (you may only enter uncovered slots if prior tournament approval is granted.) Please bring your coaches to judge or contact any judges you know & trust who are available for hire. In order for this tournament, to succeed, we need to have plenty of prepared judges. If you are bringing first-time judges, let them know that they must read and sign the PSCFA judge’s handbook and complete the F.R.E.D. certification (this may be done online at www.pscfa.org). Also, remind your judges of proper protocol in rounds. It is helpful to instruct them on how to do time signals for limited prep as this is typically an issue at the Warm-Up. Remember, judges may also be returning students who are not competing at the Warm-Up. If you know of any judges available for hire, please send me their contact information.

All entries are due by 6:00PM on Tuesday, September 18th. Please enter the tournament using http://www.forensicstournament.net.

Directions & Parking Information:
You can find directions to El Camino College at their website (www.elcamino.edu). Campus maps can be found at: http://www.elcamino.edu/about/maps/ECC-Campus-Map.pdf. Attendees of the tournament can park in any of the student lots; however, you must purchase a parking ticket. There are several ticket machines throughout the student parking lots. The tournament headquarters and registration will be in the Music Building, which faces Redondo Beach Blvd.

I look forward to seeing you at The Warm-Up! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Hannah Haghighat
Email: hannah.haghighat@gmail.com

Orange Coast College