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First, PSCFA owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Rolland Petrello (Moorpark) for his years of service as PSCFA webmaster. has been a tremendous resource to both forensics coaches in the region as well as public speaking instructors.

As of the 2011 PSCFA Spring Coaches conference, I, Danny Cantrell (Mt. SAC), have now assumed the webmaster job for PSCFA. I have an extensive background in web development and look forward to continuing the work Rolland has done for the site.

If you have any suggestions for features or feedback on the site please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck to everyone on the 2011-2012 season!

11 thoughts on “ in Transition

  1. Hi Danny,

    Will you be adding the student videos back to this site? I used them a lot in my classes to show examples of informative, persuasive, and oral interp.



    • Hi Terry – yes, those should be up soon. We are trying to transition to hosting the videos on vimeo and once they start being uploaded I’ll start featuring them on the video page. Thanks.


  2. Rolland…thank you for the years of service in maintaining the website.

    Danny…thank you for taking over this site. It looks great (as you always do).

    Question: I know we’re trying to phase in new videos; however, are the old online seminar videos viewable? Am I asking Terry’s question?

    Take care and regards to the family.



    • Hi Eddie, The old videos will be up shortly – I’m working with Matt to get them on the vimeo account and then they should be good to go.


      • Thanks Rolland for taking care of and spearheading the website for many years.

        Thanks a bunch Danny for taking this over…

        Quick question: Will there be a link to the vimeo account link on this website?



  3. Danny,

    The new website looks beautiful. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into it, and thanks to Rolland for the years of hard work he put into it before you.

    I’m glad that the videos are migrating into the site now; we use them for teaching at our school as well. I thought that you might be interested in a couple of corrections on titles for the videos. There is a spelling error for After Dinner Speaking – “dinner” has two “n’s”. And. the speaker from AFA is “Marlita Hill.”



  4. Danny,

    There used to be a video of a performance of the Interp Theater “The Couch”. Is that still online anywhere? Or is there a way to request a copy of it?



    • Hello – there was a discussion at the 2011 Coaches Conference regarding posting interp videos. It was decided at that time that all interp videos would be removed from public display until further discussion by the organization.


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