2011 Robert Barbara Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament Invitation Available

2011 CSUN Invitation (Updated) (doc)

2011 California State University at Northridge

Robert Barbara Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament


Dear Forensics Colleagues:


On behalf of the CSUN Forensics Society, the Department of Communication Studies, and the Mike Curb College of Arts Media and Communication at CSU-Northridge, we would like to invite you to participate in our 2011 tournament.  Competition will be held from November 11-November 13 on our campus.

California State University at Northridge is located in the heart of the beautiful San Fernando Valley, just outside of Los Angeles.  It is easily (and inexpensively) served by both Los Angeles International Airport and Bob Hope International Airport (Burbank).  Travel times from either airport to our campus are usually under 30 minutes.

Highlights include:

1) Parliamentary Debate will be 2 days, not 3:  We have arranged the schedule to have NPDA on only Friday and Saturday.  This will save you money and time that you would have spent to be here all three days as in the past.  It will also allow your parliamentary debaters to participate in the second half of the IE swing.

2) Hospitality:  Besides the smiling faces of the Matador Speech and Debate team, we provide lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, in addition to snacks throughout the tournament.

3) IEs are now a two-day swing:  Folks just doing IEs have double the chances to get legs, or those on a tight budget can bring their IE folks to compete on Saturday with the Parli debaters.

4) Five tournaments, one weekend: we will be offering NFA LD this year, so you have a wide range of forensics activities to participate in.  This will be a full service tournament offering two preliminary rounds in all 11 AFA individual events (both novice and open when possible) on Saturday and Sunday, two divisions of NPDA parliamentary debate (Friday and Saturday), and three divisions of policy debate (Fri-Sun).

Those participating in Parli will not be able to compete in the first half of the swing as they are going to run concurrently, as will the NFA LD tournament and the Sunday Swing.  In the past, we have had strong regional and national representation in all three events.

We are committed to and will uphold the ethical standards outlined in the CEDA Statement on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and the AFA Code of Ethics.

November is a fantastic time to visit Los Angeles and we will make every effort to host an excellent competition.  Besides excellent hospitality, we have always run on time and we do our best to make the tournament fun and healthy for competitors, judges, and coaches.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.   On behalf of CSUN forensics, we hope you can join us in November!




John M. Kephart III, Ph.D.

Director of Forensics

John Espiritu, Erik Holland, Milorad Korac, & Andrew West,

Assistant Coaches